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Positioned below are 2 links containing the best ufo video sightings ever seen by man. Best of the month and best of the year. The third link contains videos of AFO's announcements.

Sit back, relax and let your mind be blown by the most amazing unexplainable events ever caught on camera. AnonymousFO is not responsible for any psychotic breakdowns that may occour from watching these videos ;)

Best Of The Month

Best of the month holds compilation videos showing off all the most incredible UFOs from around the world in the month of your choice. Updated on the last day of each month, keep your eyes peeled for the next juicy instalment.

Best Of The Year

Best of the year holds yet more compilation videos, except for, yep, you guessed it, these videos are the best of the year instead. Best of the year is more of an AFO special, and doesn't hold a specific upload date, so just keep an eye out for a new video, or just subscribe on youtube for an instant update.

Best Of The Week

Best of the week, holds HawkkeyDavisChannel's week to week UFO sightings from around the world. The HawkkeyDavisChannel is another great legitimate source for UFO videos. Click here to check out the Youtube channel


Announcements is pretty self explanatory, it is a page of all AFOs announcements, new webpage videos, latest updates to the site etc.

Please remember to have an open mind whilst watching these videos. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, but dont let someone else's opinion, overshadow your own.

Zoning Out

Zoning Out is a weekly space update show containing all the most interesting information worth knowing in the world of space!

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