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Area 51: The Alien Interview


In July of 1996, Rocket Pictures was called to ask if they'd distribute a video showing an interview with an EBE (Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity). Throughout this documentary, both the President of Rocket and Victor--the video supplier--evade explaining why the tape came forward when it did. Not even hammy show host Steven Williams ("X" from The X-Files) seems to connect with the fact that the notorious Roswell autopsy footage came out only a year earlier. For a supposedly unbiased chronicle, there's a fair amount of debunking and abstaining from straight answers in the course of the 52 minutes. There's a lot of preliminary information regarding "Dreamland", the mysterious Area 51 airbase in Nevada purported to be a test site for more than just US stealth planes. Through skewed camera angles, goofy computer graphics, cheesy re-creation footage, and teeth-grating electronic music a vague history of the base is knotted together. All the important elements are dutifully name-checked: Project Sigma, Majestic 12, Project Blue Book, and Ronald Reagan.

The actual interview footage is silent and lasts less than three minutes. Far more interesting is the interview with Victor who appears disguised, blacked out, and with a manipulated voice answering the antagonistic and accusatory tone of questions obviously dubbed over later. The experts brought in to offer opinion all seem a bit embarrassed about how to react to the tape, but it only takes movie make-up king Rick Baker saying it's unquestionably a fake to knock the other opinions aside. The programme-makes suggest that you decide for yourself. Just don't watch MIB or ID4 too soon afterwards.

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