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As a part time graphics and web designer, designing new images, logos, websites etc is something I love to do. For me, the sense of achievement that is received after creating a pretty picture is unbeatable, there is nothing more satisfying than creating beauty, straight from your mind. So I have decided to compare two of the greatest aspects of my life, the hunt for extraterrestrial life and art.

The sizes come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The small amount of profit that is earned from each t-shirt will be going towards distribution costs, maintaining the site (web hosting, domain name, software/hardware updates) and a new page that is being planned and developed for as I type. The page will be released as soon as it has been completed later on this year.

Thank you for taking interest in these T-Shirts, if you have any thoughts or concerns about anything to do with the shirts, a commenting box has been placed at the bottom of this page for you to communicate with us. Thank you for your time and I hope you like the shirt.

Any problems please get in contact via email at