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Help AnonymousFO is looking for help with posting stories onto the AFO stream page. At the minute, with being a one man team, the amount of daily content being posted to the site low to say the most.

What AnonymousFO wants are writers to help with posting interesting UFO/space/alien news onto the AFO stream page (anyone can be a writer; all you need is a good story.) Each story should consist of a title, a paragraph or two about the story, a picture/video that is related to the story, and link(s) to the original source (if there is one.)

Simply send this information to and if the story is interesting enough, I’ll get it posted on the AFO Stream. I can also leave a ‘written by’ comment at the bottom of the page if you would like me to credit your name as the reporter.

One more thing, if there are any website designers out there that know a thing or two about PHP forms, I would really appreciate a helping hand on getting the submit a sighting page up and running again, (it’s been broken for months!)

Hopefully we can get this site run more by the people to ensure more great daily UFO/space/alien updates. Thanks everybody, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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